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We would be together...

...lovers forever.

Glittery Electro Disco Indie Rock (or simply, Mel)
6 June 1991
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Erm... stuff. (I'm not too good at these pages)

Well, I'm a music obsessive. That pretty much explains me ;)

I also created and maintain guysinsuits and kosaka_dance with a friend of mine. The first one never really took off, damnit, so it's pretty much dead. The other one is brand spanking new, and all about Lo-Fi-Fnk, who didn't have a community before that! Oh dear!
Feel free to join and post on either of them. The second is the best bet ;)

All the credit for my latest Cut Copy/Franz Ferdinand icon goes to my talented, school-burning partner in crime go_anna40 x Thank you for allowing me to steal it ;)
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